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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Monday, 20 April 2009 22:06
Manual for the Affiliation Program 3.0  
Getting Started 
Permission to Take Money From You
When you rez a Skidz Partz Vendor it will ask you for a permission to take money from you. That is because the Skidz Partz Vendor is an actual vendor and needs those permissions to be set for it to work properly.


How it Works
  1. Ensure your active group is the same as your land
  2. Rez - Rez the Skidz Partz Vendor and click Yes to allow the vendor to take Linden Dollars from you. 
  3. If after a few seconds the vendor does not spring to life touch it and select "Go Online" from the menu.
  4. That should be it, if you have troubles contact skidz Tweak

For every sale, the vendor automatically pays you the full amount. From this amount, the 90% is paid by you to Skidz Tweak. The remaining 15% is left to you as a Skidz Partz Affiliate.
There are several types of vendors - Pictures below 
  1. All Single Item Vendors 
    • I would use these, they have extra advantages, like links to the web pages to see videos and such
  2. All 6 Panel Simple Vendors
    • Low prim vendors with 6 pannels
  3. All 6 Panel Holo Vendors
    • These are simple holo vendors
  4. Entire Store Size (256) Short, wind light optimized
    • Entire store made for a 256 meters of land 
Bonus Items - These small touches will add a more Skidz Partz feel to your vendor area and give you a more official look!
  • As an added bonus to touch up the area you use for the Skidz Partz catalog vendors, you receive a 
  • Skidz Partz Affiliation Update Checker - Sit this item out, and it will check for an update ever 24 hrs and send it to you if needed
  • landmark giver - Serves as a beacon to Snow Crash, the official Skidz Partz sim
  • Official Skidz Partz Affiliate Sign - Use to draw attention to your vendor
  • Skidz Partz logo texture - Try the texture on the area around your vendor
  • Floor tile of the Skidz Partz logo - Use the floor tile to jazz up the area that your vendor sits on

Last Updated on Monday, 20 April 2009 22:24

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